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Bauer national and international transport in Rome

Moving and transporting around the world since 1907

Removals around the world

Bauer Roma Traslochi is a leading international company in the field of removals of all kinds, as well as movers of precious and delicate items such as paintings and laboratory instruments.
We were established in 1907 in Germany to satisfy every demand in the field of moving, offering maximum availability and professionalism to a diverse market. Bauer Roma Movers operates internationally with offices in locations all over the world: from Brazil to India, France to Italy and Great Britain to the United States of America.
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Transport for museum and art gallery goods

Our Rome-based company operates throughout Italy and internationally too, on behalf of museums, galleries and public bodies, to offer quality services for the transportation of goods, whether simply moving or for large events and exhibitions.
The assistance provided by Bauer Roma Traslochi ranges from organising formalities to import-export operations and land / sea / air transport insurance assistance, all carried out by experienced, competent, trusted and highly-trained personnel.
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