Removal of archives and laboratories

Removal of archives and workshops with Bauer Roma

Great care and attention at every stage of transportation

Removal of archives, art gallery collections and laboratories

Bauer Roma Traslochi's service is available not just for private customers and businesses, but also for institutions and public bodies with special needs. We are experienced and able to move any kind of material, furniture or object, guaranteeing the utmost in care for each shipment, timely deliveries and packaging integrity.

Bauer Roma Traslochi also deals with the removal of laboratories, the transport and removal of paper archives and documents, with maximum respect for the confidentiality of the transported material. Trusted and carefully selected business personnel will relocate everything to your new destination quickly and reliably.

Bauer Roma Traslochi is able to carry out laboratory equipment transportation, providing accurate packaging and delicate transfer of special equipment and technologically advanced machinery.
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