Special transport in Rome

Special transportation thanks to the professionalism of Bauer Roma

Priority shipments and transportation of vehicles and bulky items

Air transport and combined transport options

Bauer Roma Traslochi is a provider of excellence in professional shipping services, utilising a widespread network in Europe and worldwide for removals, transport and international shipments of all kinds.
We carry out special transportation jobs of any quantity or size, to any destination, by any means necessary:
  • Road transport;
  • Sea transport;
  • Air transport;
  • Combined transport.
Our service can be personalised, according to the needs of individuals and companies using special shipment methods such as:
  • Priority delivery within 48 hours;
  • Agreed and postponed delivery;
  • Shipment of motor vehicles and mopeds;
  • Sending and transportation of pianos.
The personnel handling special transport jobs assumes full responsibility for the integrity and timing of delivery even after the delivery has taken place. Insurance services are available to provide better guarantees and protection for the client and their goods.

Safety in transport

Staff working within the management system at Bauer are competent and able to ensure compliance with the latest safety and quality standards of service by providing special packing for transport and custom-made casks and containers made using standard fumigated wood.

The experience we have gained operating since 1907 makes it possible to successfully solve any problem relating to international shipments by providing a continuous monitoring service of the shipment, thus providing the customer with a status on the delivery at every stage of the process.
Experience in transporting delicate and bulky objects: request a quote by calling 06 92959161 today
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