Transport of works of art and exhibitions

Transporting works of art for exhibitions in Rome

Transport service for art galleries, exhibitions and public bodies

Transportation of works of art

Physical custody of important works and art collections in the transfer and removal phases mainly involves careful packing. In addition to "packaging", occasionally great importance must also be placed on the safety of for example a particular work, and we have the insight and security in place to prevent theft or damage in such cases. Bauer Roma Traslochi care about the transport of special works of art for exhibitions in Rome and throughout the world, and strives to keep them safe from physical, malicious and active agents such as moisture and mould.

Management and storage of assets

In order to deliver our efficient transport operations, proper planning of the movement of goods is of paramount importance.
The management system the company uses is able to reduce delivery times, making the services timely and reliable.

The availability of warehouses in Rome, Italy and worldwide allows us to offer customers the custody of works of art in complete safety.
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