Warehouse Spaces

Bauer in Rome offers warehouse storage for goods

Shipped goods storage

Freight and storage warehouse

During your move, we can help you store items such as furniture in suitable warehouse environments, with maximum security and protection, and optimum environmental and climatic characteristics to keep your items in good condition.
In fact, storage warehouses must be equipped with isothermal systems to guarantee the protection of antiques and furniture of any kind of material. Bauer Roma Traslochi offers customers the chance to make use of a warehouse service, made up of a reliable, safe and tested storage network built during our decades of business.

Secure and monitored deposit locations

Over the years Bauer Roma Traslochi has developed more and more specific and helpful services for its customers, and with our company storage warehouses, furniture and objects can be stored in other Italian cities or international destinations.

In Bauer Roma Traslochi's supervised warehouses, it is possible to store antiques and home furnishings: a particularly useful service when the new premises for relocation are not yet available. The store and warehouse service offered includes insurance policy, video surveillance and physical surveillance for valuable goods. Burglary and alarm systems make the Bauer Roma Removals secure deposits extra safe. Compliance with all safety standards is guaranteed. The company also offers professional equipment and vehicles of any size for the transportation of goods.
Secure safety deposits.
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