Warranty and insurance

Fully insured, secure moves in Rome

Moving and transporting with insurance cover

Our many years experience gained in the field has taught us about the importance of customer protection in all circumstances and situations. For this reason, besides the utmost care and delicacy that comes from the careful preparation and expertise of our staff Bauer Roma Traslochi secures all goods with "All Risk" insurance coverage. In case of accidents en route, damages or loss of shipment, we provide insurance coverage and financial reimbursement of the damage suffered.
The "All Risk" cover proposed by Bauer, in Rome, protects the customer 360 ° from the moment your shipment leaves your home or business and arrives at your new location.

The cover includes dismantling, loading, storage, route and delivery phases. For more details contact Bauer.
Comprehensive insurance and guarantees against damage:
Write to bauerspa@bauerspa.com for a quote
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